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DTP Software Capabilities

Our multilingual Desktop Publishing ( DTP) team can localize documents in more than 60 languages.

We are capable of working on a variety of operating systems, and have multilingual graphics and publishing software, including:

DTP Graphic
FrameMaker ( 5.5 6.0 7.1)  
FrameMaker + SGML (5.5 6.0 7.1) Adobe Illustrator (9.0 10.0 or later)
Arbortext Epic Corel Draw (9.x or later)
Arbortext 3B2 PhotoShop (5.5 or later)
InDesign (2.x 3.0) FreeHand
Adobe Acobat (4.x 5.05 or later) Paint Brush
Quark Xpress (3.3 4.1or later) Paint Shop Pro
Page Maker (6.x 7.x)  
DreamWeaver (4.x or later)  
DTP Software Capabilities
Compile Fonts
HCW Adobe Font Folio
HHW English vector font
HTML QA DynaFont
Trados S-Tagger Windows system fonts(Multilingual OS)
  Mac Fonts
Desktop Publishing
DTP Software Capabilities
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